Welcome to Fleming Fotography, a one woman show!

Fleming Fotography will be the perfect company for your resort if you want quality images, detailed edits, and a long-term positive business relationship. Our Founder and woman running the show, Meagan, has been known for her bubbly personality, meticulous editing, and stunning images. Fleming Fotography has been around for 13 exciting years in multiple industries. We started out taking photographs for cruise lines, then transitioned to luxury resorts. Our specialty is capturing the intricate details of spaces and the overall peacefulness of a resort.

As Fleming Fotography is a luxury resort photography business, we obviously travel for work. That may be one of the best parts of the job! There are not many locations we wouldn’t visit if given the opportunity. When we aren’t traveling by plane, we can be found roaming the Texas Hill Country. We are comfortable working with any brand and are extremely flexible with all of your wants and desires. We are truly here for you and want more people to experience your beautiful resort and all it has to offer.

It is truly our passion to give you the best experience possible. We love spending a day or two shadowing several roles at your resort to get an idea of the people making the magic happen. We don’t want to simply take photographs. We want to take photos that communicate who your brand is and what kind of experience you will be offering to visitors. If you’re looking for someone who will get to know you, your brand, your ideal customer, and your resort, look no further!